ethics and computing - living responsibly in a computerized world - 2 ed.

editora: john wiley & sons inc
autor: kevin w. bowyer
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Número de Páginas:431
Número Edição:2
Ano Edição:2000

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Sinopse ethics and computing - living responsibly in a computerized world - 2 ed.
"All you have to do is watch the news, or be warned not to open your email today, to recognize the necessity for this revised and enhanced edition of this critical work, first published in 1995. We are inundated daily with intellectual property issues and warnings against computer viruses and hackers. Government and law enforcement agency involvement in the security of our computer systems leaves us vulnerable to abuse of privacy, and raises the specter of "Big Brother." Also, many critical systems controlled by computers, such as nuclear power facilities and missile defense systems, are often designed and tested with an over-reliance on computer modeling, which can cause failure, injury or loss of life. Ethics and Computing, Second Edition promotes awareness of these and other major issues and accepted procedures and policies in the area of ethics and computing, using real-world companies, incidents, products and people. An entire chapter is dedicated to detailed analysis of the major ethical codes relevant to computing professionals: The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) code of ethics, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) code of ethics, the Association of Computing Machinery codes of ethics, and the ACM/IEEE Software Engineering code of ethics. Ethics and Computing, Second Edition is ideally suited for topical undergraduate courses with chapters and assignments designed to encourage critical thinking and informed ethical decisions. Furthermore, this invaluable book will keep abreast computer science, computer engineering, and information systems professionals and their colleagues of current ethical issues and responsibilities."

Ethics And Computing - Living Responsibly In A Computerized World - 2 Ed.